Interesting stuff I found on the net last week….

I read a lot of blogs…. according to Google Reader’s trend module it says: “From [my] 135 subscriptions, over the last 30 days [I've] read 7,941 items…” So I read a lot of ‘em.

My sister keeps egging me on that I’m not so good at sharing, so in an effort to dispel those myths before they spread beyond my sister, here’s a bouquet of things that stood out for me last week.

wall Copy 2200-.jpg

Apple’s WWDC took place early last week in San Francisco, I won’t add to the millions of posts about the new iPhone, the new refreshed OS X and the new Laptops, or any variance there of. However, while I was wadding through all of the posts about the WWDC I did stumble onto this, a post about an interactive wall they put up made up of LCDs tiled in iPhone apps… and everytime someone downloaded an app online, it rippled on the wall… serves no practial purpose, but it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Appleā€™s Cool Matrix-Style App Wall (via TechCrunch)

red Copy 2200-.jpg

I’ve been delving more and more into film/video these last few years. I now have a studio setup at work to facilitate producing content for my day gig. So I’m also always looking for novel ways of doing or presenting stuff… this is a nice little piece about making “moving posters”, with a RedOne (the daddy of all Digital Video wet dreams). It’s quite cool, and I may try something similar when I get my GH-1.

Living Movie Poster – Start to Finish (via BoingBoing)

baby Copy200-.jpg

Every once in a while there’s a video that I stumble on that’s just too hillarious not to share or not watch over and over again (hello? David after Dentist?). But for some reason, my favourites tend to have kids, animals and some kind of really bad idea. This one is just a baby having a conversation with her Dad.

Are woman born this way? (via Claire-Lise)

michael_geist-boingboing Copy 2200-.jpg

We have some seriously overpriced and heavily capped internet in Canada. It’s one of my serious pet peeves, I’m a rather large proponent of Net Neutrality. I often feel powerless to do anything about it. Enter Michael Geist, Law Professor who chairs the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at OttawaU, a columnist for The Star and a pretty cool guy who managed to get to speak in front of a Senate Committee to discuss this with them.

The blurb captured by Corey at BoingBoing is quite sobering… the whole thing is mind blowing.

Michael Geist explains Canada’s screwed-up Internet to the Canadian Senate (via BoingBoing)

zipcar_06 2200-.jpg

Ok, another WWDC related item, sorry.

We don’t own a car, Claire is a 5 minute walk from her work, I’m a 5 minute bus ride. We live across the street from a grocery store, and I like public transit… However, every once and a while we need a car. Say when I need to move some equipment around, or when we’re visiting my family 300km away.

Enter Zipcar… our best friend. Zipcar is launching their own iPhone app… which will also let you remotely control the car (kinda).

ZipCar: Car Sharing/Renting With Your iPhone (via The AppleBlog)

kashmir Copy200-.jpg

Being an amateur (but I do it for work so does that make me a pro?) filmmaker and a graphic designer, I’m naturally drawn to Motion Graphics (think animation like Movie credits and stuff). I dabble a bit in it, but I’ve been too busy to really dive into it. However, I appreciate seeing really good examples of motion graphics, and this is one such piece.

It is from Steve Scott, which he did for Led Zeppelin and was projected behind the band during their performance of Kashmir. When you watch it, imagine it on a massive screen.

kashmir (via vimeoh via boingboing?)